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The Fairmont Mayakoba - Mexico

The Fairmont Mayakoba - Mexico

I have been to Mexico a few times before this and each time was an absolute week-long party. They were great times, however this time I was looking for a more peaceful and relaxing getaway. I got in contact with the Fairmont Mayakoba and decided to stay there for my trip to Mexico. It ended up being my favorite trip to Mexico yet!

When I landed in Cancun International Airport, the resort was only about a 35 minute drive from the airport. I was greeted by extremely friendly staff upon arrival and had a quick drink at the bar. After a long travel, I walked into my room and was finally at peace.


The room was absolutely stunning. I was greeted with extremely comfortable robes as well as a gift for my niece, she was extremely happy! There was also a walk-out porch, looking over a stream right in our backyard! I spent lots of time reading on this porch and every once in a while a small boat group would pass by. Now did I mention the bathrooms? The bathroom was absolutely stunning. Not only was there a rain-top shower, but also an extremely big bath tub! I spent many of my mornings eating breakfast in the bath tub while reading my book. Sometimes it would rain and you could see the rain coming into the little bamboo garden.


I couldn’t get enough of the food offered at this resort. There were many different types of restaurants available, my favorite being the restaurant on the beach. We had an amazing dinner right at the sunset on the beach, this was one of the highlights of my trip! The cocktails they made were also astounding! I may have had the best Margarita I have ever had in my life here.


Whenever I could wake up in time, I would walk to the breakfast buffet. This was one of the best resort buffets I have ever had in my life. There were tons of pastries, fruits, a variety of fresh juices as well as an omelette and quesadilla station. My favorite was the waffle station and the fresh tea they knew I loved so they would bring it to me everytime.


On my last day I went on a beautiful boat ride around the resort. The resort is all connected together by a small river. This boat ride goes around the whole resort, which we saw many exotic birds and fish! The guide of the boat was extremely friendly and spotted out a variety of different wildlife and explained to us what they were. I would definitely recommend going on this boat ride if you go to the Fairmont Mayakoba.


Now best for last, the beach. The beach was almost out of a Corona commercial. The water was crystal clear and the sunsets were absolutely unreal. Everyday I would try and lay at the beach and watch the sun set. I also enjoyed lounging at the beach and drinking cocktails during the day!

My experience at the Fairmont Mayakoba was much different than my usual party-raging Cancun trip. However, it was my favorite trip to Mexico so far! It was a great time being able to just relax in paradise and see all that the hotel had to offer. If you are going to Mexico and your looking for a peaceful and luxurious resort, I would highly recommend the Fairmont Mayakoba!

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