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My Trip To New York City

My Trip To New York City

Ever since I was a little kid I have been going to New York City for vacations. I have been over a dozen times in my life but there was still so much for me to explore! This time, I stayed towards the lower side of Manhattan.

My first few days I stayed at Arlo SoHo, which is located in Lower Manhattan and is well known for their art and fashion. I was located right next to the pier so every morning I would walk down and eat breakfast with a nice view!


I made the most of being in SoHo, doing as much shopping as I possibly could. There was an endless amount of amazing boutiques and clothing stores! I made sure to get myself some Ice Cream from the Kith Store haha.

The other hotel I stayed at was called the Hudson Hotel, which is located right next to Columbus Square and Central Park. The view from my room was absolutely insane! I spent tons of time just sitting on the couch and looking out at the night lights of Manhattan. It was an extraordinary site to see, especially for sunsets!


The hotel was literally one block away from Central Park so I spent tons of time there. Central Park is one of my favorite parts of New York City and it still blows my mind every time I go there. I mean it’s a giant park right in the center of one of the biggest cities in the world! The sunsets there are just so peaceful and beautiful.


Right after I took this picture I went on a stroll to find some quality New York Pizza. I walked a few blocks and stumbled across a place called Joe’s Pizza which had an extremely large variety of pizzas! I had a couple buffalo chicken slices and it was one of the best slices I have ever had in my life. There’s nothing better than some real New York Pizza.

On my last night, I went to the rooftop bar and had some drinks with my friends. It was great to see some friends that I haven’t seen in a while, especially while being on a rooftop in New York City! The views were unreal and it was truly a trip that I will never forget!

Hudson Hotel - New York City

Hudson Hotel - New York City