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My South African Expedition

My South African Expedition

South Africa has an incredible range of landscapes, a near-perfect climate, and the choice of destinations, activities, and itineraries is virtually inexhaustible.

Its surprising geology is sufficient motivation to visit – the landmass that plunges its toe into the powerful Atlantic and Indian seas; the broad, clearing sounds, and that imposing centerpiece, Table Mountain, sometimes shrouded in cloud, sometimes touching the bright blue sky.


Any garden would look good if it were set on the slopes of the remarkable Table Mountain, but this particular Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden has earned its notoriety for being the most delightful nursery in Africa. Set inside the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Cape Floristic Region. When I visited this amazing garden, I was taken my breath away. The pristine air and the current view was very awe-inspiring.

It traverses various terraced levels and contains a rich decent variety of indigenous vegetation, African stone models and hiking, and strolling trails. Don't be worried about the hikes, and they are comfortable yet delightful.


Well, I've never had Indian food, so I said to myself, why not try something unusual? So I had Masala Dosa on Long Street. Israeli, Amit Raz, motivated by the dishes cooked up in his grandma's Syrian kitchen, serves south Indian dishes like dosa, aloo, and thali – trays containing small bowls of curry, dhal, pappadums, pure and fragrant, delicious suji halwa. It felt different eating from a thali, but well you only live one. And it's best if you try out new things!


We went on an unreal safari in Kruger National Park. This was my first ever safari experience and I can guarantee I will be going on much more after this! We went with a company called Private Kruger Safaris and I highly recommend doing so if you go to South Africa. Although we had to wake up very early, we were able to see a wide variety of animals such as elephants, lions, zebras and much more!

Also if you are looking to go to Robben Island, book tickets online beforehand as they sell out quickly – and keep an eye on the weather: if seas are too rough ferry crossings will be cancelled, and ticket prices will be refunded. Well, I was lucky enough to get my tickets before they were sold out. The ferry trip was extraordinary, lovely weather and the cool breeze. Something that I will miss very much.

I stayed at the beautiful Kapama Karula, a 5-star hotel located in Hoedspruit. Kapama Karula astounded me since the minute I landed at Hoedspruit. Checkout my review of the hotel here!

Kapama Karula - South Africa

Kapama Karula - South Africa

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