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My Journey To Sri Lanka

My Journey To Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - A Gem of a Nation

My visit to Sri Lanka — a small nation in the Indian Ocean was an absolute astonishment. I didn't have a ton of desires coming into the trip. However, it ended up being a phenomenal encounter. I cherished all of Sri Lanka: the amazing landscape, the yummy food; the overgrown ruins and much more. and abundant wildlife. Sri Lanka is a lovely place & the people are so friendly. I met a few friends during my trip there who I hope to stay in contact with and hopefully meet again when I return!


What To Eat

I did not have much knowledge regarding the food in Sri Lanka coming into this trip. I was soon opened up to a whole new style of amazing food! Eat the local food, seriously. Stick to the local cuisine. It's super delicious. I was a bit picky and skeptical at first but after I tried it all I soon became hooked! Just try everything! Balaji Dosai in Kandy; Ahinsa in Sigiriya; Upali's in Colombo; Hot Hut in Nuwara Eliya; and the restaurants across from the bus station in Anuradhapura were some of my favorite.

Where To Go

Where should you go to Sri Lanka? Everywhere if I say so myself – if you have the time! Most travelers center around the southern portion of the nation, with its climbing and shoreline towns. Following quite a while of war, the north has an inheritance of destruction that still can't seem to leave. I went on an unreal hike through the Sri Pada mountains, which I encountered lots of wildlife like these elephants!

Though I originally had planned to explore only the south due to my limited time there, I was offered the opportunity to talk to a member of Parliament in Jaffna up north and learn about the Tamil war.

Don't forget taking a trip by train around Ella. Riding through the most bewitching of landscapes – tea estates, forests, waterfalls, hills, bridges – is something I'll cherish for the rest of my life. Everyone who tries this ends up falling in love with this part of the world and this clean, slow-moving locomotive of Ella has a significant contribution in that! Besides, the train fare is dirt cheap, so if you're planning a budget trip, this could be an excellent addition to your list!

Where To Stay

I stayed at the amazing Amanwella Resort, which has been voted #1 resort in all of Sri Lanka! If you would like to see my review of this resort, check it out here!

Amanwella Resort - Sri Lanka

Amanwella Resort - Sri Lanka

Kapama Karula - South Africa

Kapama Karula - South Africa